Statute of Cambodia International Chamber of Commerce 


Article I. Cambodia International Chamber of Commerce is an organization engaged in international business activities, Its’ members included NGO organization, private business owner, domestic and international
enterprises. This organization’s name in English will be called a CAMBODIA INTERNATIONAL CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, and the initials will be known as CICC.

Article II. Purpose of the Cambodia International Chamber of Commerce is, to respect and to practice in accordance to the laws, regulations, and policies of the Kingdom of Cambodia to promote member exchanges and cooperation with countries and regions of the world business community, promoting member enterprises of international business development, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of members of international trade law.

Article III. Cambodia International Chamber of Commerce is approved by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Kingdom of Cambodia and is overseeing by Cambodia-China Councils Association For Economic Development.
Article IV. Cambodia International Chamber of Commerce’s headquarter is located in Phnom Penh capital.


Article V.  Cambodia International Chamber of Commerce’s business scope is:

  1. Providing consultation to members about Cambodia and other countries regarding economic-related laws, regulations, and policies, providing recommendations on behalf of its members to the government concerned.
  2. Through the domestic and international information networks and channels, providing economic /business information to members;
  3. Introducing the relevant laws, regulations, and policy as well as the investment and trade environment of Cambodia to foreign enterprises and sole proprietors;
  4. Introducing members of the correct general rule of  INCOTERMS and International Business management experience;
  5. Participate in the relevant international organization's events and developing friendly business cooperation  with foreign associations, organizations, enterprises and sole proprietor companies;
  6. Reflecting Cambodian business community’s message to the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) ;
  7. Organizing and encouraging members to participate in domestic and international exhibitions;
  8. Providing  legal services for members and businesses engaged in trade activities;
  9. Coordinating conciliation to solve the major dispute between members and non-members;
  10. Participation in the development of industry standards and specifications relating to member interests;
  11. Providing business resource information services for members;

Chapter III 

Article VI. Member of Cambodia International Chamber of Commerce must be entrepreneurs, self-employed businessmen, or NGO representatives.
Article VII. Becoming a member of the Cambodia International Chamber of Commerce must satisfy the following conditions:

  1. Agree to and comply with the Statute of Cambodia International Chamber of Commerce, and  willing to Fulfill  member’s duty;
  2. Who must be the registered office of such said corporation or self-employed businessmen, or NGO officer?

Article VIII.  Membership application procedure :

Filling out  membership application;

  1. Submitting a business license issued by the Cambodia Ministry of Commerce.  The NGO communities must be incorporated with a copy of its registration approval notice;
  2. Application approved by the Secretary-General of CICC;
  3. Secretariat of CICC will issue a membership Identification card.

Article IX  Member enjoys the following privilege:

  1. Privilege to vote and be elected in the Congressional meeting of Cambodia International Chamber of Commerce;
  2. Participation all activities related  to Cambodia International Chamber of Commerce ;
  3. Free or preferential access to the services provided by CICC;
  4. Comment or suggestions on the works of Cambodia International Chamber of Commerce ;
  5. Member may choose to join one or more service program according to its’ own professional background features;
  6. Joint membership or resignation voluntary;

Article X.  Member should fulfill the following obligations:

  1. Comply with the Statute of Cambodia  International Chamber of Commerce;
  2. Safeguard the interests of Cambodia International Chamber of Commerce ;
  3. Perform the resolutions and decisions adopted  by the Council Members  in accordance with this Resolution;
  4. Cooperation and support the works of Cambodia  International Chamber of commerce;
  5. Membership fee  contributions;

Article XI.  Member resignation shall be notified in writing and submit to the Cambodia International Chamber of Commerce along with member’s Identification card. For those has not made membership fee contribution for two consecutive years shall be considered as auto set out.

Article XII.  Member has a serious violation of the Statute of Cambodia International Chamber of Commerce, adopted by the Council in a vote, be removed.

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