How To Be A Member

How to become a member of the International Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia 1, condition
Cambodia’s application to become a member of the International Chamber of Commerce, shall meet the following conditions:
(1) support the constitution, willing to fulfill obligations;
(2) According to the laws of the Kingdom of Cambodia registered corporate, corporate business, juridical association, NGO organizations or other institutions;
(3) the last five years in business law, honesty, and trustworthiness, environmental protection, social responsibility, etc. no bad record.
        2. Materials to be submitted
(1) “Cambodia International Chamber of Commerce Membership Application Form”;
(2) business license, non-governmental organizations approved by the Kingdom of Cambodia, the organization registration certificate or other management unit issued a similar effect of copies of documents;
(3) International Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia applied to join the Council of the unit must be submitted on the company’s first annual financial statistical reports, and to be recommended to the company’s leadership position as the Chamber of Commerce and the electronic version of resume photograph.
Application Form submitted in writing to the International Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia Office, approved by the Secretariat of International Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia.
        3, method of payment
Contributions can be in cash, check or bank transfer, etc. to pay.

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