Oversea Offices

   (1)    Guangxi Province:                                Mr. Liu Zhai Yun,  Vice President

  (2)    Fujiang Xia Men:                                   Mr. Zeng You Min, Vice President

(3)  Beijing :                                               Dr。Gao Jin, Vice President

 ( 4 )   shanxi Province:                                    Mr. Li De Mei, Vice President

( 5 )  He Nan Province:                                     Ms. Jin Yu Xia, Vice Prsident

( 6 )  Guangdong Province:                               Ms. Zhang Yong Qi, Office Director

(7)   Tong Liao (Inner Mongor):                         Dr. Gao Jin ,  Vice President

(8)  Hu Bei Provice:                                           Mr. Bian Yi, Vice President

(9)  Hai Nan Provice:                                         Mr. Dong Wan De, Vice President

(10) Shanghai :                                                 Mr.  Wu Tian Shi, Vice President

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