Cambodia International Chamber of Commerce ( CICC ) and Cambodia-China Councils Association for Economic Development(CAFED) are the NGO organization under the supervision of the Ministry of Interior of Kingdom of Cambodia. Established in 2010. Cambodia-China Councils Association for Economic Development is the parental of Cambodia International Chamber of Commerce. After six years under the hardworking by the Board of Directors and being recognised as a BRIDGE TO CROSS  by all domestic businessman and women, small and medium business companies as well as the international enterpreneurs, the Boards realised that in order to participate the GLOBAL ECONOMIC Society, we need a globalize organization to lead our members to integrate with the international trade process standard, hereafter, the Board of Directors operated our goals and service in two different names ( One group of people operate two organizations ).

The Mission of ( CICC ) is respecting the Law of Kingdom of Cambodia, follow the  regulation Cambodian Government and protecting the legal benefit of our members.

The website of CAFED :【

The website of CICC :【


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